Most Expensive Cosmetic Procedures

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The Most Expensive Beauty Treatments — Ever!

If you’re the kind of person who is shocked by a £100 haircut, then don’t read any further!

As many of us look to improve our appearances and feel better about ourselves, we look towards beauty treatments to pick us up.

Considering you would pay £100 for a pedicure where fish bite your feet, it made us think what else and what other treatments cost a lot more that people are spending their money on.

  1. Breast augmentation procedures: Prices for treatments like breast implants, lifts or reductions do vary. However, a breast implant can cost anywhere from £7,000 to £18,000 depending on the material chosen and the particular surgeon’s fees. More.
  2. Replacing missing teeth: Dental implants can also be costly, with All-on-Four treatments, which replace a full arch of teeth can cost you from £19,000. More.
  3. Facelifts: The hours spent on this procedure is what determines the cost. An endoscopic facelift can cost from £6,000-£12,000, whereas a SMAS facelift or neck lift can cost from £16,000-£26,000. Deep plane facelifts start from £20,000. More.
  4. Rhinoplasty: This is a nose job and can also vary depending on the surgeon, however, average costs are anywhere from £8,000-£20,000. More.
  5. Veneers: How much do veneers cost? They cost around £1,000 per tooth depending on which cosmetic dentist you choose, for example, this top London dentist charges £3,180 for four veneers. More.
  6. Tummy tucks: Falling anywhere between £9,000-£29,000. More.
  7. Liposuction: At first can appear quite affordable, however, it is charged per part of the body. Usually used for really tough areas of stubborn fat, for those who want to remove this from multiple areas can expect to pay thousands of pounds more. Starting from £7,000. More.
  8. A thousand-pound hair cut: Whilst this is not completely cosmetic, we thought it was worth a mention. The most expensive haircut is in the Stuart Phillips salon in Covent Garden, London. A haircut can set you back £8,000. WOW.

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