Is there a way to help get over Dental Anxiety?

How can someone overcome Dental Anxiety?

In the UK, it’s extremely common for adults to have some form of dental anxiety. In fact, one in every three people has moderate dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can cause people to refuse to visit the dentist or ask for help regarding their own oral health.

“One in four people in the UK dread to visit the dentist, however avoiding the dentist can lead to further complications.”

It’s becoming increasingly common for young adults in their 20s or 30s to avoid going to the dentist because of fears or phobias. The risk of cavities or gum disease is greatly reduced if people visit their dentist at least once a year. However, fear is preventing people from visiting their dentist.

What can you do to reduce yours or someone else’s Dental Anxiety?

There are numerous ways to help relax and maintain your composure when visiting the dentist. This can be done in various solutions include; taking a friend with you, listening to your own music and having an early appointment to have less time during the day to think about it.

“Constant communication with your dentist is critical. Make sure they’re fully aware of your own comfort and well-being, ensuring that the dentist does all they can to make sure you are relaxed.”

Most importantly, you should make your dentist aware of your anxiety about dentistry. Dentists provide a wealth of support and solutions to ensure you aren’t panicking or worrying about your dentist check-up.

Overcoming our dental anxiety isn’t impossible. If you’re still concerned about visiting the dentist, read more about how you can clear your mind and go to the dentist without any fear or anxiety.